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  • Wealth Management
    A process based approach for accumulating, protecting and growing the wealth of our private clients. Its starts with Risk profiling: That takes into consideration the appetite of taking the risk based on the age,needs and objective of our clients. Once the profiling is done, a Financial plan is derived which does a customised asset allocation for our client. Regular follow up and monitoring: Once a financial plan is in place, the investments are executed with regular follow ups and monitoring. The portfolio is reviewed every month to reduce the risk and optimize the returns of our clients. As an independent wealth firm, we are able to advise the best investment product which is free from a biased approach.

    Risk and Asset protection
    We are able to source the best protection and coverage solution depending on our clients needs as an independent firm

    Real Estate Advisory
    Property is rarely a simple affair. Without the right help, finding the right property or selling your own property can prove to be a lengthy, complicated and traumatic ordeal that is capable of driving you crazy with WORRY and PAIN before and even after the event. What we try to do at Myraa is to ensure you the most rewarding hassle free service, with detailed information and expert advice from our well trained consultant. That means you can forget nasty things like risk and regret and concentrate on enjoying what you set out for in the first place.

    If you wish to know more details on the above, please email us at rashmi@myraa.in